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How stable should you be to have a baby

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When I got pregnant I had just lost my job, only had $1000 in savings, totaled my SUV, my SO and I had been together for 8 years Been living in our house for 2 years and were still under construction with remodeling our house. We were not married, were not planning on it either. WE did get married in October before baby was born... Hubby had/has a very stable job. There was a lot of stress lots of crying but in the end it all worked out. I know work for a construction company in the office and I can bring Owen with me. Its great. Yes money is a bit tighter but its working for us for now...


Before you have a baby, have a steady relationship with your partner, have enough money to pay your bills and at least $200 a month left over you'll need it for diapers and whatever else your child needs! You don't have to have a lot of money if you got a supportive family and don't mind second hand stuff. Make sure you can think about your childs needs first, also if you breastfeed it'll save a ton of money!


If you wait until you are "financially ready" to have a baby, you may never have one. I firmly believe no one is ever financially ready, unless one is filthy rich. You will need to learn to budget more and may have to cut some privileges and unnecessary enjoyments from your life if need be.


I was a teen mom at 18 and 19 years old. I was very lucky though because I was married to the boys' dad, so I was financially stable thanks to him. I graduated from high school, and my mom in law watched the kids while I went to school, I was lucky again for that, because most people don't have that.


My fiance makes very good money, had actual real money in the bank, savings, owned his own rental properties, cars, you name it, he was "stable". Add to that a fiance, a baby and a mortgage on a bigger house and you quickly realize that "ready" does not exist.

Stability can stem from a solid relationship with your child's father, maturity level, your plans for the future, and your plans if things go south with any of the above.


Sure, it's nice to be 'stable' so you can bring baby into a good environment, but I don't think that really qualifies you as 'ready.' If you're emotionally stable, I feel like hormones and sleep deprivation will go ahead and mess with that. Financially stable... sure, that'll help, but babies are still expensive. Relationship, I feel like it's going to be a stress even on the closest, most communicative relationships. It's a HUGE change


I was 19-years-old and felt like I really needed to have a baby

. At the time, I had no car, was living with my dad, had a part-time job, and had just dropped out of beauty school.

Needless to say, we've been through many, MANY struggles in the last 3 years.

BUT this time we really want to be financially stable and fully prepared before we go selfishly bringing another person into this world again. :)

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How stable should you be to have a baby
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