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Reasons for baby having a spotty rash

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There is a number of things that could cause a spotty rash. It could be a heat rash which is very common yet not harmful at all. It could be an allergic reaction to a new food Or your child could just have dry skin which can be cured with some light lotion. I wouldn't worry to much about a light rash kids get all sorts of rashes. Call the doctor if the rash persists, gets darker or starts to spread.


My daughter's skin got spotty rashes when she was younger from eating orange foods, like carrots or sweet potatoes. Strange, huh? That doesn't happen too often now that she's in her toddler years, but she does get spotty rashes from dry skin instead. We treat her with lotion and eczema bath products.

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Reasons for baby having a spotty rash
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