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How early can baby start standing?

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My son's been early on just about every milestone except getting his first teeth. I didn't get my first tooth until I was 2 years old, (quite embarrassing lol) So I hope he doesn't follow my footsteps in that. However, since my son's been early on just about every one, I've taken to doing things like teaching him baby sign language, using colour cards and getting him to walk. He's 6.5 months right now. We've been "walking" him since he was 4 months old. Usually I hold him around his sides and lean him slightly forward. Now he automatically takes steps. He can also stand really well (needs support though) and I'm hoping that he walks soon.


I think it all depends on the individual baby.. some babies never crawl, they only stand and then walk.. some babies crawl a ton and take forever to want to stand and try to walk - just like us as adults, each baby is not like the other! With that said.. I assume around 8-9 months babies attempt to stand more. Monroe is 5 months and he already loves being in an upright position and just using our hands to hold onto and stand.. but he is no where close to doing it on his own! He cannot sit on his own completely yet.. so we are a few months off still :)

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How early can baby start standing?
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