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Will Tylenol help a teething baby

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Babies usually get warm when they're teething also runny noses, some people give their kids baby tylenol, I wouldn't unless necessary. Try some cold teething toys or cold baby wash cloth.


The worst is when your baby is crying because their gums hurt and you feel helpless because you know it's one of those things that they have to go through.

Here are some things you can do to help them through this time:

Freeze a washcloth for them to bite.

Tylenol, if they are old enough. I used to take a drop on my finger and rub it on their gums.


My son is 10mo and teething the past 2 nights he will not stay asleep for noting. Me and my husband did tried Tylenol and baby Orajel and he is still crying like he is in pain all night.

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Will Tylenol help a teething baby
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