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What are the benefits of baby touching and bonding?

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Babies need to feel that skin on skin contact, it makes them feel secure and safe. The more you touch, hug, snuggle and kiss a baby, the more loved and secure they will feel. I have witnessed this with my own kids, the middle child wasn't an affectionate baby, he didn't like to be snuggled nor touched much and that has created some issues as he got into toddler years and beyond. With my other two kids, they are very secure, confident and quite the affectionate children because they were touched, snuggled, hugged and loved


In newborns th benefits are endless. Skin to skin regulates heartbeat, blood sugar. breathing, body temp. The smell of baby (more so without bath) stimulates your body to produce your milk. I was told skin to skin helps keep down billirubin levels. Not to mention the emotional side. My toddlers cuddle a lot when they are constipated and it relaxes them which helps them poop.


..skin to skin contact, showing affection, all of that has AMAZING and COUNTLESS benefits to you and your child and your relationship.. there is a reason why they drive home the important of "kangaroo time" after a baby is born.. they love feeling the Mom's heartbeat again.. just think how crazy it would feel to get used to hearing a heartbeat for NINE months, then come into this bright, loud and cold world and not hear it anymore? Thus.. skin to skin time.. warming them against your body and just constantly showing love is so good..

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What are the benefits of baby touching and bonding?
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