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Baby travel swings vs full size swings

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We have the Deluxe Take Along Swing by Fisher-Price. It's spacious, sits lower to the ground in case the baby tried to get out (which my son never has), and folds up so it can fit into a trunk or behind the couch, etc. I like this one a lot. We had a full sized one but it stopped swinging at a certain weight whereas this one still swings my son who weighs 21 pounds. It also does not take up much space as opposed to the full sized swings. It also lights up and plays music.


We had a travel swing that worked perfectly for us. We didn't have much room so the travel swing was perfect for us.


I prefer a full size swing. I highly recommend getting a swing that can take batteries and has an A/C plug in. Being able to plug the swing into the wall saved us a ton of money on batteries. The full size swing worked better and has much sturdier then the travel swing.

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Baby travel swings vs full size swings
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