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What is an overall good baby healing ointment to use?

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We use Target brand A&D, Camphor skin balm, carmex, and Aveno lotions. Some rashes just need air some need an ointment some need to be dried up and other can be caused from to much wetness... Always watch your child when you are trying a new ointment for any reactions. If there is a reaction clean the area off right away with baby soap and warm water. If needed consult you child Dr.


There are many good kinds and I have found over the years that sometimes a rash will respond better to a certain ointment. I usually keep a few on hand. I always have A&D, Aquafor, and Desitin creamy. Bag Balm works really well also and I know a lot of people use Butt Paste and Balmex.

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What is an overall good baby healing ointment to use?
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