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Why are baby walkers bad

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Baby walkers like the baby gear? I don't think they are bad. I suppose ifyou babe in them too much it could make their hips grow wrong-like the warning with baby carriers.. Or put them near stairs of course. But I've never heard that they are bad.


Babies aren't necessarily BAD walkers.. It just takes time to learn the skills! If you think about, their weight is pretty unpreportioned throughout their tiny bodies.. A large head, tiny torso, tiny limbs and long (baby deer like) legs! They have to first learn head and neck control, add the back and back body to that, then they need to add their legs?! Whoa, that makes me exhausted thinking about it! Over time, month to month, babies are working their way up to crawling and then walking.. It's just a series of steps and before you know it they are on the move!

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Why are baby walkers bad
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