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I just wonder: what does it feel like to have a baby

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Labor pains are miserable i'm not going to lie. The only labor I had that was the easiest but still painful was my first pregnancy. The pains were not as near as bad as what i experienced with my later pregnancies. The contractions start out feeling like menstrual cramps that go from mild pain to high level pain and the high level pain is when it is real close to give birth. The closer the contractions come together you know its nearly time to give birth. Your body naturally gives you the urge to push out your baby. When I crowned I never could feel much but pressure and the same way when I pushed the baby out I felt pressure at that point. So to me it was the contractions that made it all too painful the crowning and pushing was more of the easy part and a relief knowing the baby was finally coming.


Well it is painful , there is no way around that . Near the end there is a lot of pressure like you need to have a bowl movement . You body will get the urge and need to push even though it is painful . it actually even feels better to push even though it hurts , if that makes any sense . When the baby is crowning it will be a strong burning sensation and then once the head is out much of the pain goes away .

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I just wonder: what does it feel like to have a baby
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