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Safety tips for baby in a bathtub

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Oh goodness.. where to begin! I will just go from my experience thus far, which is only with a tiny 5 month old that we still bath in the sink in our bathroom :) We use a PUJ baby bath tub thing.. it's amazing, it's rubber'ish and comfy, it folds and it basically cocoons him in the sink while we bath him! When he was TEENY TINY, we would put a hand towel behind his head and upper part of his back.. it really seemed to help support him. We also made sure the water temperature was never ever too hot.. always making it comfortable for him, but nothing hot! We never leave him unattended either.. SO important! We never get the water too high or in his mouth either.. these are just some basic tips off the top of my head :)

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Safety tips for baby in a bathtub
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