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How do you stifle the urge to have a baby?

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So, I start thinking about things that wouldn't work with a baby or things I enjoy without having a baby to take care of, ways it would make my life harder, etc.

Room... I could turn a room in our future house into a nursery... Or I could have a yoga studio. Or woman cave/writer's lair. Or a lab. Or a wine room, lol.


My hubby is not ready to have a baby yet - so I should wait... I'm trying to get prepared - read alot about parenting, try to have more time with friend's babies, and connect to moms on Moms.com). It helps me feel like I'm not waiting but prepering to the most important part of my life - a "mom" part)


When I wanted to stifle the urge to have a baby I tried to remind myself how tough it is to have a newborn, how much cry, how much they need and how little sleep I get. I try to focus on the bad and not think about all of the good. I never found an effective why to stifle the urge though, I guess that it why I have four kids!

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How do you stifle the urge to have a baby?
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Wow Have times have changes there not my lil babies anymore! Love yall !!
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