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My baby won't sleep at night: tips for tough nights

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The best thing me and Ed did at the advice of our childbirth instructor was to have a plan in place. A sort of checklist for who is supposed to do what. It's inevitable that you will have some rough nights, especially in the beginning when everyone is getting used to having baby home.

So, start with who will do what. The dog always wakes Ed up no matter what, so he offered to take on the middle of the night stuff. Next, have everything ready for whatever might happen. I have Charlie's changing area all set up with diapers, wipes, formula, etc. It's really tough to find that stuff with one eye open at 2 am.

Next.. have a good chair or rocker or something close by just in case baby decides it's not time to go back to sleep.

Lastly, relax and know that even though this is REALLY tough, it doesn't last forever. Take it one night at a time and you'll start to notice little victories.

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My baby won't sleep at night: tips for tough nights
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