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Why does it feel like my baby is in my vagina during late pregnancy?

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Because when you near your delivery date, your baby will drop and put pressure on your vagina.


It sure can feel like that when you are nearing your due date. When you get closer to delivery baby will drop down into your pelvis to prepare for birth. It can feel like you have a bowling ball down there. It can cause you to feel a lot of pressure and even be a bit painful at times. Try to lay and rest as much as you can.


In late pregnancy the baby begins to drop low into the pelvis in preparation for birth. When the baby drops the mom often feels a lot of pressure in her vagina. Some moms say that it feels like that baby is going to fall out of their vagina. When the baby is that low it can also cause swelling in the vagina too, making you feel even more full in that area. Try to get some rest and stay off your feet.

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Why does it feel like my baby is in my vagina during late pregnancy?
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