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How to treat baby's dry skin

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Bathing too often dried my babies' skin out. It was 2-3 times a week until they were playing outside. Summer times they need baths more frequently because they do get dirty.


Yes, I made sure at least every other day (or when I bathed her ) that I cleaned it with the antiseptic solution that they gave me, because rubbing alcohol dries out a babies skin, and I also applied A&D ointment.

Three months after, my daughter had a reaction and her pediatrician gave me a prescription ointment and my mother advised vitamin e oil also, and it cleared right up!


Desitin is what we used and my neighbor said so use on sophia's booty because she has really bad dry skin that lotion cant get rid of


Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion is the best there is! It's amazing! My son has super dry skin and exzema really bad and as long as I use it every day on him it keeps his skin clear without irritating it even more. I use it on myself now because my skin is so sensitive :-)


I always used some lotion ... but my babies never had overly dry skin...

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How to treat baby's dry skin
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