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Why is my baby sleeping too much?

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Think about it, all they do is eat, sleep and get their diaper changed lol. So if they are getting changed or eating chances are they are sleeping. They all have different sleep patterns and will prefer to be awake at different times of the day. My son is only a week old so he wakes up two or three times a night to eat since he doesn't eat much at once. Then he'll actually stay awake for a few hours in the morning when we first get up, after that he pretty much wakes up to feed and get changed and then he goes back to sleep.


Chances are... nope!

Sometimes some babies sleep a ton during the day.. say they nap well, get tired easily during the daytime.. well others sleep well at night and are very active during the day. You need to always remember that no baby is the same as another.. just like us adults, they all prefer different things.. babies should nap often and babies should sleep long at night.. so these are all good things if they are happening to your baby!

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Why is my baby sleeping too much?
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