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Bathing a toddler: how often?

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I think toddlers should be bathed in the same routine as one or both of the parents. If both parents have the same bathing routine, then the toddler can easily jump right in line. I choose to do it every other day and so does my daughter, unless she gets absolutely filthy the same day or next day lol. It's okay to bathe toddlers/babies daily if your water is soft enough and filtered. Otherwise, I would do it every other day because young children lose skin moisture much easier than adults do and daily baths can cause a lot of that loss of moisture. Ultimately, how often you bathe your toddler is up to you. Depending on the activities your toddler does daily and how dirty they get each day, you can base their bathing schedule off of that.

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Bathing a toddler: how often?
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