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Is feeding baby formula bad

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No, not at all! They formulate it to match closely to real breast milk. I had an awfully hard time with breast feeding and had to supplement and sadly only got to breastfeed three weeks. My lactation consultant told me I should have no guilt over supplementing or strictly formula feeding. (I lacked the breast tissue to hold a true milk supply) She said the only difference was breast milk is alive and has good antibodies for your baby.


Formula isn't bad.

Breast is usually best as it's the most natural if that is something important to you but no formula is not some evil no-no. I was a formula fed baby and I was an honors student - so I don't think what they eat plays a roll in much other than make sure they eat enough!


That said I have nothing against formula or moms who formula feed. I just want to be sure that those moms are happy with their choice and felt that they got to do it the way they wanted. While breastmilk is better it doesn't mean that formula is bad. Formula is a wonderful option and healthy babies come from formula too.

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Is feeding baby formula bad
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