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Ways to lose the baby weight

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There are many things you can do to loose the baby weight . Breastfeeding is a big one especially if you are exclusively nursing . Many moms loose weight quickly this way even though they are not trying . Taking baby for a walk is a great one put them in a baby wrap or carrier or a stroller and go get some fresh air and exercise . They have mom and me yoga classes and other exercise classes that you can do and bring your little one along .


Full time breastfeeding after having a baby helps with weightloss. Eating healthy of course helps boost weightloss. Of course when your breastfeeding you have to have more calories in your diet just as if you are pregnant. But as long as you eat healthy and add some extra calories you will lose weight. Exercise is always a plus. I recommend fully breastfeeding to help with weightloss as a bonus to all the extra benefits to breastfeeding.


actually I am not that fat when I got pregnant.after I gave birth though I gained weight I wasn't thinking of doing diet or exercise. I just thought that I wanted to try this size..but when I started to get back to work I slowly loss weight..


I am only eatting all protein, seeds and greens to boost my metabolism,Next was hi impact cardio and problem areas.I shocked my system and lost key vitamines by The exercising I chose


I just did a round of whole30 and lost 11lbs in those 30 days, and another 2 in the 15 days since. Whole30 is focused on changing the way you think about food. It was a tough 30 days, but I have to say it did teach me some things about how my body reacts to different foods and the way my MIND reacts to different foods.

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Ways to lose the baby weight
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