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James Royal has a very special meaning for us. His first name is after my uncle Jim who my dad donated a kidney to, before my uncle passed away of cancer years ago, and Royal is after my fiance's great grandpa :) We wanted strong family names for our first child.


My step-daughter's name is: Jaina Eugene. Her mother gave her a male's name for her middle name. Her father does not like it, either but he chose the first name.

My son's name is Jonah Steven.
Steven because his Daddy's name is Steven and my hubby wanted to pass his first name down to his son. I wanted Jonah Eli though. Lol Oh well.

If we have more, I like these names:

Emry Roland
Abigail Grace
Ryker Thomas
Jaken Eli
Matthew Paul


My kids middle names are family names. We have the following:

Emily Rose Fritch
Jordan Timothy Fritch
Sara Christine Fritch
Jason Walter Fritch
Aiden Dallas Fritch
Chloe Jane Fritch
Nicholas Arthur Fritch
Cody Timothy Fritch
Aubrey Ann Fritch


Marie after her auntie tiffany


My boys all have pretty traditional names so their middle names are also . Lets see we have Matthew Patrick , Joshua Mitchell , Tyler Christopher , Ethan James , Gabriel Marcus and Noah Michael . We didn't use family names at all . Just names that we thought sounded good with the first names

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Your baby's middle name
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