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Bedtime tantrums: best solutions

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Don't let her dawdle. Toddlers are great negotiators, and they're no different when it comes to bedtime. And because they enjoy the time they spend with you, they will do whatever they can to prolong that period.

Offer her acceptable choices at bedtime. These days your toddler is beginning to test the limits of her new-found independence. To help her feel empowered, let your child make choices whenever possible at bedtime, from which story she wants to hear, to which set of pajamas she'd like to wear.

Be calm, but firm. Stand your ground even if your child cries or pleads for an exception to the going-to-bed rule. If you're frustrated, try not to engage in a power struggle. Speak calmly and quietly, but insist that when time's up, time's up

Move her into a bed. Between the ages of two and four, your child has probably outgrown her cot and is ready to give it up. Moving from her cot to a bed signals to her that she's growing up, and you can tell her that part of getting older is learning how to go to bed when she needs to rest.

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Bedtime tantrums: best solutions
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