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Is green poop normal for a newborn

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Oh, yes. That lovely green army paint color is completely normal. As he/she gets older, the color will change to a yellowish. It will change even more once he/she begins solids.


for the first week your newborn can have greenish poop. this is part of the meconium from in utero. But as the baby feeds more this will be replaced by yellowish poop from his milk.

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What is not normal though are things such as blood in Baby's stool, or a very runny or hardened consistency, or a 'spotted' stoolIf you see any of this--or if the green stool does not change to a normal color after a few days or so, consult your doctor.

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In the first 24 hours greenish black poop is normal as this is called meconium Sometimes green poop can be an indication of a dairy intolerance but it is usually accompanied with other symptoms classic of food sensitivities: eczema, wheezing, colic like symptoms, stools that are green and mucousy

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Is green poop normal for a newborn
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