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What are your go-to bath products for babies

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I love our bath products so I will share what worked for us!

1 a Puj bathtub! Fits in any sink! So comfy, can fold and collapse, amazing.

2 Aveeno bath wash! I swear by Aveeno! So great!

3 a baby wash cloth, a very soft one.. Have a couple :)

4 a simple tall plastic cup to rinse the baby with water..

5 when they are teeny tiny a hand towel or something for the baby to lay on via their head and back so they don't slip!

My husband and I got Monroe's baths down to a tee and he loved them!

Now he's in his big bathtub!


We are pretty simple at bath time around here . I didn't use a baby tub and have been bathing Noah in the sink since birth . I did have a little sponge thing I put him on until he was able to sit up but now he just sits like a big boy . I use a little scrubby brush for his head to keep cradle cap away . As far as soap goes I use Baby Magic calming bath . I LOVE it and it is the only thing I use on him unless he has a cold and then I use Johnsons vapor bath .

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What are your go-to bath products for babies
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