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Is it OK for a boy to be bathing with mom?

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I normally am the one who gives James his night time bath, but during the day if I have to shower, I try to shower when I know it's close to James naptime. I stick him in the shower with me and he absolutely loves it. not to mention it helps him fall asleep.


Depending on age, in my opinion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I bathe with Lucas all the time! I love having that cuddle and cleaning time together. Not to mention skin to skin is so important to me. I love being that way whenever possible. I think once a boy gets a bit older like 6 or 7, then maybe mama shouldn't be in the tub with him or anything, but certainly still in the bathroom with him! Or if you're comfortable being in there with him, maybe wear a bathing suit.

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Is it OK for a boy to be bathing with mom?
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