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How often should you feel baby movement in the womb?

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At first Baby's movements will feel few and far between, and it will also be random as to when you feel them. There may be days when Baby is kicking up a storm and other days when you don't feel any movement. Despite the way it seems though, Baby is moving and kicking regularly. However, her jabs are not yet strong enough for you to feel. Later in the second trimester, Baby's movements will develop more of a regular pattern.

Once you're in the third trimester, your doctor may recommend doing "kick counts," or spending some time each day counting kicks, jabs, position changes, etc. To do this, choose a time of day when Baby is normally active, and perform the activity at the same time each day. Sit quietly or lay on your side and take not of Baby's movement. Time how long it takes you to feel ten distinct movements. If you don't feel ten movements in two hours, stop counting and call your midwife or doctor.

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How often should you feel baby movement in the womb?
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