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What is the best baby soap

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I don't use soap until baby is actually old enough to get dirty. It dries their skin out. I get the toddlers soap at Dollar Tree that's tear free, but I think I'm going to have to start getting some that helps with tangles.... After I get through the stuff we've been given anyway.


Well.. there are SO many different kinds.. but I always say the more natural and less ingredients.. the better! From personal experience, we like.. Burts Bee, Aveeno and The Honest Company. All of these have much less the number of chemicals as other baby soaps.. and boy oh boy do they smell good! Make sure whatever type of soap you go with.. that it is tear free.. so even if you get it in their tiny baby eyes.. they will be just fine! Also, always keep an eye on their skin with each soap you use.. they could always be allergic to something in the ingredient list.. so just keep a watchful eye and discontinue if you notice something array!

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What is the best baby soap
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