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Does the baby stop moving before labor

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I could still feel mine moving around while I was in labor, up until I had the epidural. You should definitely feel your baby and if you aren't you need to try drinking something sweet(like orange juice) and laying on your side. I also found that if I pressed on my stomach a little I could get my son to move. If you still aren't feeling anything I would go get checked or at least call the dr as there could be something very wrong.


No your baby wont stop moving before labor . My babies moved until birth . If your baby isn't moving at all try laying on your side and drinking something sweet if baby doesn't perk up call our doctor or go into labor and delivery to get checked out . It is very important not to ignore changes in movement in your baby . If you feel things are not right get it checked out .


Your baby will not stop moving before labor. If your baby has stopped moving then you should drink a glass of juice and lay down on your left side for an hour and see if you can feel the baby moving. Your baby should move during that hour, if you baby doesn't move you should report it to your doctor right away or go to the hospital to get checked out.

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Does the baby stop moving before labor
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