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What are the benefits of a bedtime routine for baby?

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For Lucas, we make sure he's up at 11pm or stays up to that time. We play with him for a bit and then feed him his last bottle of the night so he's nice and full. If it's bath night, then after he eats, he'll get a bath. If not then we keep him nice and relaxed, rocking him, laying down for a bit. Keep him calm until midnight. Then we turn the lights out in the room (usually the t.v. is on for a little light) and put the little man to bed. He will fall asleep within 15 mins.


My baby fell in to a routine on her own bed time between 9or10 up once at 3ish then awake 8or9 I am so lucky have great baby very easy and told that by many people in my family that she such a good baby and not all like this lol but knowing and having one helps to know if maybe not feeling well and if they getting their normal amount of sleep or not that they need.


When I had my son, I was very strict with a bedtime routine. I felt that it was very important that he knew what to expect every night. I know that for myself I like consistency and I felt strongly that consistency was key for children of all ages.

Even to this day (he's almost 10) so long as we have the same nighttime routine, he will fall asleep pretty well!!

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What are the benefits of a bedtime routine for baby?
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