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Yes I do! Being a single mom means twice the love and happiness with my girl to me. Although it can be hard at times one day I know she'll be thankful for all I did. Some people may think I took her from her isaac & ember but honestly never in her life did I want her to find out the shame they brought to us, and ask why I didn't take her and leave. I did what was in the best interest of my child and that was to start over again just the two of us. He never helped out with her it was always me! Never once did he get up in the middle of the night, never it was always me! I was always a single mom I have no idea why he even moved in and aced like he was a dad. My baby girl is all I'll ever need. I just want her to feel loved and happy in life with her father she'd never have happiness.


I think what I enjoy most about being a single mom is knowing that I can focus on my daughter and not feel odd or guilty about not being able to spend as much time with another man. I still live with my parents so if I date a guy, it's a lot like having friends come over. There's a bunch of people in the house, no privacy, and usually it's after my daughter has gone to bed. So honestly, I'd rather wait to start dating again after I get a place of my own.


I willingly ended a marriage knowing that that's what was going to happen and I was okay with that and ready for it and loved it actually...

I think that families these days come in so many various forms.. I'm not sure they are as much a choice as they just... are..

But being a single mom, I would't have it any other way...

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Do you enjoy being a single mom
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