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What do you think is the best mom car

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Personally I drive a 15 passenger van, it's a Chevy Express 3500. I have nine children and it fits us pretty good, it's a gas guzzler getting about 14 mpg which is about the only disadvantage that I can think of.


I think the best vehicle for a mom is a van. I have a van and I love it! I love the sliding doors for putting the kids in. The trunk is huge for grocery shopping.

Our also has the stow away seating, so we can still put furniture in it for moving.


Whatever works for your family!

A family with one child will have more options than a family with 3 or more children to tote around. one thing you have to consider is will the car seat fit in the car?

But when I had more children i could not fit the car seats in the back seat of the car so we had to graduate to a larger vehicle!


Ford Expedition

Ford Excursion

Chevrolet Suburban

Lincoln Navigator


I think it just depends on your family and your needs and budget. I would recommend something 4 door for ease of getting kids and car seats in and out. Something with good trunk space for groceries and all of the various kid stuff. For us we have a Dodge Durango, it is a full sized SUV, we needed something large for our child but also we have two large dogs we often need to travel with so we needed the extra room.

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What do you think is the best mom car
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