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Best potty chairs

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I personally dont like potty chairs. Unless they are the kind that fit an adult potty. Sit alone potty chairs are such a hassle! They are not fun to clean at all! Plus I think if a child needs to use the potty that they should learn how to use a real adult potty because when you are out and about or at a friends house they're not going to have potty chairs. Even my youngest who is newly potty trained at only 20 months uses the big potty :-)


Each of my children were different; the oldest was a girl who loved using a potty chair called The Royal Potty, it was one that sung a song when she tinkled in the potty. It was super cute and cost about $20 or so.

With my two sons, they preferred using the toilet like their Daddy and Mommy. No potty chair was used, but I did purchase the boys urinal type potty chair for them - it was super cute and I believe it was called the Peter Potty. I loved using the kids interests to determine which type of potty chair was best for each child.

I recommend you think about what your child enjoys - music when he/she pees? Some form of reward or no? Etc, that will determine which potty chair would be best suited for your child.


you are looking for seats that have stickers and songs or blend into your bathroom decors. Here are top rated potty seats for your child: safety first, summer infant, munchkin potty seats. I have personally used the first year potty seat for my boys that has a soft cushion on the top of their potty seat. It's a neat looking seat.

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Best potty chairs
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