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Tips for Bipolar parent getting custody of child

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I do have Bipolar and am currently working on getting sole custody of Jay just in case her father tries anything. I have filed a petition for sole custody of Julianna on Monday. I have a lawyer whom my dad is paying, thankfully! Although I do have Bipolar when I go to the doctor on Friday they will write a note that states I am capable of taking care of my child mentally and psychically. We have talked on the phone to my doctors and they all have agreed that I am the best interest for Jay. We have a few friends who know about ember & isaac and have agreed to testify on our behalf. Even if all goes south isaac has agreed to sign over his parental rights if I don't win custody of Julianna. That was one of many agreements that him and I made before I left. In the end I will have sole custody of MY girl Julianna Jolene :)


They key with any mental illness, including bipolar disorder, is to be treated and seen by a physician. If you want to prove that you can handle custody of your child, then you need to be under the care and direction of a doctor that can vouch for your mental well-being.

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Tips for Bipolar parent getting custody of child
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