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The best diaper bags

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I cannot stress enough for everything to have a PLACE in the diaper bag.. this totally helps me know that everything that I need is in there and ready to go.. place for a bottle, formula, diapers, wipes.. as long as those are all full.. we are good to go! Of course style is high on my list too! I would also suggest on that can become a crossbody bag too.. a Mama's shoulders can seriously hurt after a little while hauling bag and baby around!


My diaper bag is also my purse now. I have a jungle themed bag, it has 3 pockets on the outside and 3 on the inside plus an open area. In it I have diapers, wipes, my wallet and a change of clothes. The outer pockets have a couple teethers and burp cloths.

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The best diaper bags
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