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How to treat a baby's neck rash

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Ah.. the ole baby neck rash.. it typically happens when babies are little and you have to be really careful and keep it clean! What we do is... if we notice Monroe's neck is rather red, that night, when bathing, we really make sure to get our fingers under all his little skin rolls and massage them with soapy water.. the wash rags typically cause more harm than good because they rub too hard.. and honestly, that skin is SO sensitive and thin! So we wash and afterwards, probably the most important, is to DRY the area... so so well! We take his towel and literally place it under his neck rolls for a bit.. he doesn't love it usually.. but it's a must!!! Typically that works so well, then the next day any redness is gone.. we do also use butt paste on it sometimes, it has zinc in it that keeps the area dry and not wet :)

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How to treat a baby's neck rash
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