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What are the best glider rockers for baby

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I think all of our bottoms prefer something different. I have 2 gliders, and I found them both on a facebook yardsale site. The first was $100 (and a steal, originally $300 in stores). The second was free. It just didn't go with the home decor anymore so the lady gave it away. They're both different but both work equally well.

So I suggest going to a store and sitting on as many as you can until you find the right one.


I have two Dutalier glider-rockers. One we bought new before Maddie was born, and it's in our living room. The second we bought used after she was born to keep in our bedroom.

When buying a rocker, the sales person asked me one thing, and I think it's the only qualification you need--would you be comfortable enough to fall asleep in this rocker? If the answer's no, then move on.

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What are the best glider rockers for baby
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