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Would you consider biracial adoption? Why or why not?

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My kids are biracial so for us it would be no big deal. I would love to adopt a biracial child. Maybe a child that has a completely different genetic make-up from ours. I love diversity and I think the best way to teach my kids to appreciate diversity is for them to live it.


Of course! A baby is a baby to me no matter the skin color or race. I'd love the baby regardless the race, babies deserved to be loved.


I'm half Mexican, and the other half is Irish and Native American. My boyfriend is half Polish and the other half is Dutch, French, Scottish, Irish and any other European country around those areas pretty much haha.

I love mixed babies and people.

I would definitely adopt a biracial baby if I wanted to adopt or I choose to adopt in the future.


Either way, my answer is definitely a big YES, I would consider biracial adoption. In my eyes, a baby is a baby is a baby. I don't care what color your hair, eyes, and skin are, you deserve a good home and to be loved!


I have always supported and recomendend adoption and yes i would adopt a biracial child. My mom and uncle are adopted by their great aunt and uncle as toddlers and even though they knew their biological parents they will tell you that their parents are the people that raised them. Thats why I get really upset when i hear women say I couldn't love a baby the same if I didn't have them.

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Would you consider biracial adoption? Why or why not?
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