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What can cause bleeding during early pregnancy?

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Implantation can cause a bit of spotting in some women as well as a internal exam by the doctor . Some women just have a bit of spotting that is never really explained . I had some at 11 weeks and went in and they checked everything out and didn't find anything . I went on to have a normal pregnancy . Of course if you have any spotting or bleeding call your OB right away just to be safe .


having intercourse with your significant other can sometimes rupture a small vein but long as it's not like a period the dont worry....for peace of mind check with ur Obgyn I know cuz it has happened to me before


So this morning I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood on the T.p. Not a lot but enough to concern me. So I called the docs and they made me an apt well I went and they said the baby is perfectly fine and there is no signs of miscarriage or any thing like that. He said 40% of women have bleeding during pregnancy and only 20% miscarry but he is very confident my baby will stay. We did an early ultra-sound due to the bleeding and we saw our baby and the heart beat. I was so happy to hear it as I thought it was to early too. But our baby is healthy.

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What can cause bleeding during early pregnancy?
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