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What are the best travel system strollers?

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Well, we technically don't have a "travel system", I'm not even sure what that means.. what we do have is an amazing car seat, stroller and adapters!

Let me break it down for what works for us..

- We have the Maxi Cosi car seat carrier.. it's amazing, light weight, sleek, stylish and so safe!

- We have the BugaBoo Bee stroller.. which I just cannot say enough amazing things about - lightweight, glides amazing, functional, practical, top of the line..

- Then those adapters that let us plop the car seat right into the stroller..

My husband jokes about how fast I am with putting it all up to go somewhere and then take down.. but I really love the "system" we went with!


My favorite car seat/stroller travel system is the Britax B-Ready stroller and infant car seat. Britax has very high safety ratings. The B-Ready stroller is very versatile and can even be used as a double stroller. We used this system for awhile and loved it.

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What are the best travel system strollers?
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