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Is it safe for my baby to sleep on the couch

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If you are sitting next to your baby and watching as they sleep, a nap on the couch is fine. But NEVER leave your baby alone on the couch since he or she can scoot or roll of and injure him/herself. Or, they could roll the other direction and become smothered. Safe places are cribs, play pens, or the floor.


The couch is one place I definitely would not let my baby sleep. My daughter didn't move around so much as a newborn but my son as soon as you lay him down in anything that doesn't confine him he immediately rolls onto his side. On a couch this could mean he could roll off and fall or he could roll the other way and get wedged between a cushion and the back of the couch and suffocate since he wouldn't be able to roll back once on his side.


No. I would never allow my baby to sleep on the couch, they might fall. always make sure to place your baby on a safe place like on the crib, stroller or on the baby basket. You may think that I'm too careful but you can never loose by being careful. After all, making sure that our baby is fine, comfortable and happy is our top priority as responsible moms.


If your baby could easily sink into the couch behind the cushions lol I don't think you should let baby sleep there. But if you have a pretty steady couch, what I do is put Paul on his back nearest the back of the couch, so he can't roll over, then get a thick blanket, and put one end tucked into the couch at his head, and one in at his feet, so it kinda looks like he's in a hammock sideways.


No! Not unless you're right there with them but I would recommend you use a bassinet or pack n play or crib for nap time.


I would say if you were beside them yes, but left unattended I would say no! I just wouldn't chance it, you never know!

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Is it safe for my baby to sleep on the couch
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