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How to stop my baby from biting mom during breastfeeding

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First figure out if it's biting or their jaw relaxing.. Sometimes once mine fall asleep it feels like a bite, but it's really just their jaw relaxing. If they are biting, release the latch and take it away.. That usually works for me. There was a few times i tapped on a cheek to get them to stop but usually just taking away the boob worked.


- insert your index finger in the corner of their mouth and be stern but calm say "no you are hurting mommy."

- look for the signs that they may be teething

- push the baby in towards you

- learn the timing of when your baby bites (is it towards end of nursing or is he sleepng but awake)

- pull him off and put him down and then relatch in 5-10 minutes

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How to stop my baby from biting mom during breastfeeding
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