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What was different about the birth of your second child

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the difference was i was ready mentally and emotionally to bring him in to this world, i knew what need it to be done faster with out questioning myself!


I had three girls and one boy. My son happened to be the biggest one i delivered. I had all my children natural. No drugs. No surgeries of any sort. All natural.
My first daughter was 8lbs.5oz
My son was 9lbs.7oz
My third child was 7lbs.14oz
My fourth child was 7lbs.6oz

So for me.....I just tell everyone that i had beautiful buffalo, lol. Just because they were all so big.


There wasn't too much difference between my first, second and third. They were all with epidurals, I did have some complications with my second but nothing major. My fourth was completely different. All natural water birth.


My second home birth my midwife missed by five minutes due to being stopped for speeding, thankfully she didn't get a ticket but it was something right out of a movie script. I loved all my home births.


I didn't have a birth plan for my first. I had a birth plan with my other two and with my second child it didn't go as planned because he came 3 weeks early and they had to use a vacuum to help him out. With my 3rd I had a birth plan and my doctor was wonderful and let me do everything my way and I loved it.

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What was different about the birth of your second child
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