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My mother gave my baby fresh pineapple, he's 6 months. Is it ok?

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Yes it's okay to give a fresh pineapple but be sure to give them a piece that they can hold and gnaw on it. Eyes on your baby at all times and make sure they don't choke on it.

I gave my boys peeled apple and it's a great way to practice to use their bottom teeth to bite on it.


Pineapple is not recommended as a first food for your baby to try. Pineapple is very acidic, also unripened pineapple can cause diarrhea and a rash around baby's mouth from the acid.

Pineapple is commonly responsible for flare ups in babies with infant reflux and is best avoided.

I was told you should wait till 10 months of age to introduce pineapples.

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My mother gave my baby fresh pineapple, he's 6 months. Is it ok?
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