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Bloody show mean closer to labor?

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i was having contractions around 6:30 it stop around 8, i went to sleep around 10 wake up at 11:15 n i had a bloody show,,,,

i called my doctor and she said 24-32 hours i could be going into labor or some days later


I had started having some contractions on the Monday night of that week, and I stayed up most of the night keeping track of how far apart they were. At some point in the middle of the night I went to the bathroom to pee and had my bloody show! I went back into our bedroom and woke the boyfriend up to let him know that things would be happening soon and tried to go to sleep (which was tough, because I was so excited!). I woke up to really bad contractions Tuesday morning while my boyfriend was getting ready for work. My brother took me to the hospital, but, unfortunately, I wasn't dilating very fast, so I had to labor at home till about 11 p.m that night. The hospital finally admitted me, but Violet wasn't born till 8:05 a.m the next day

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Bloody show mean closer to labor?
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