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What does my baby need at the pool in the water?

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This will be Charlie's first summer at the local pool. I bought some baby sunscreen. Since he's over 6 months, he can use that now. I also have a few hats with brims that go all the way around. I did check into clothing with SPF but it's out of my price range so he'll wear a T-shirt and shorts. I also bought him a round floaty toy that he'll sit in. It has a few toys attached to it as well as a canopy that will keep the sun off his head.

In my opinion with any child, you should never take your eyes off of them. When Charlie and I are in the water, I'll be right next to him holding the floaty the whole time and will reapply sunscreen according to the directions.

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What does my baby need at the pool in the water?
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