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Do you need a swing and a bouncy seat for baby?

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No, it is not a needed item but it can be helpful. I used to bouncy to place my son in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. And, the swing was helpful while I needed to clean or wash dishes or other chores. He would also nap in the swing while I was able to get chores done or laundry hung/dried. We both of them used. I washed the cloth portions and cleaned the remaining with baking soda and vinegar. Everything does not have to be new since they will not use it for very long.


Its a personal choice I think. We had both for all of our babies and they both were great to have, However our youngest didn't like the bouncy seat at all so we got rid of it, thankfully it was one passed on to us by a friend and we didn't buy it new. He did love the swing though.

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Do you need a swing and a bouncy seat for baby?
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