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How to soothe bleeding nipples from breastfeeding

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Let me be the first to say.. these hurt like heck! I dealt with this for awhile when I first started nursing.. sometimes it seems there is no way around it.

What worked for me.. LANOLIN! Lots of it... sometimes I also used those gel pads.. but they didn't work the best. What REALLY seemed to do the trick was not letting my breasts get soaked in the shower and using a bit of my own breastmilk post nursing on them - those two steps combined really helped! Yes, this did mean wrapping my chest and then showering :) ha!


I highly recommend seeing a lactation consultant. It is not normal for your nipples to bleed. Bleeding is a sign that the baby is not latched on properly.

Once a nipple is bleeding it can make breastfeeding very painful. It is important to help the nipple heal. Lanolin nipple cream should be applied after every feeding, sooth gel pads can be put on your nipples, and a nipple shield can be used during feeding to help allow a damaged nipple to heal.

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How to soothe bleeding nipples from breastfeeding
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