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Bleeding during pregnancy stories

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During this pregnancy I spotted a little in my first trimester right after I treated my yeast infection. The advice nurse wasn't concerned because she attributed the spotting to the applicator that was inserted. She said the irritation from the sharp edges could very well have caused the spotting.

The first time I got pregnant I bled a small amount of bright red while I was working. I was lifting 20 pound boxes and carrying them about 10 feet away. I was only 4 weeks pregnant. I miscarried completely at 8 weeks. It was a slow process. I remember urinating a little bit of blood. It reminded me of watered down kool aid. There were other signs like cramping sensations and different sizes of blood clots. This happened towards the end of the miscarriage back in my early 20s.


Unfortunately my stories do not have good outcomes, just to warn you. I know they say that bleeding during pregnancy can be normal, but for me it wasn't. I only ever bled red when I miscarried and that happened to me six times in the last 17.5 years.

Most of my miscarriages started with a little bit of spotting and after waiting several hours I was bleeding a lot. I had to have two D & Cs of the three miscarriages I had in the hospital.

Of the three I miscarried at home , I passed out with all of them freaking my husband out. He wanted to call 911 but I begged him not to because with each of my D & Cs both doctors said I was almost done bleeding....so I wanted to wait it out knowing my body the way I did. I had low iron with one and was very week but recovered, though I have to say now that I think about it that was probably the reason I experienced low iron in my last pregnancy because those two losses occurred the year I got pregnant with my eighth and last child.

I am not the norm. Please call your doctor if you experience any bleeding. They want to know those things and will probably want to see you, just in case, and check you out.

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Bleeding during pregnancy stories
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