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Passing blood clots during pregnancy: miscarriage?

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I have had two natural miscarriages within six months of each other. I started cramping, then came the spotting, and eventually I started bleeding really heavy, period like bleeding. I had blood clots, which started out small and then got larger when my body expelled the fetus. I could see tissue in the clots. I lost the sensitivity in my breasts. This was my experience.


well, i started bleeding yesterday about 1 but it wasnt that bad then i got home and it got worse. i didnt have any cramps...my back was hurting and i had a headache...then i went in to take a shower and i used the bathroom and a clot of blood came out,,,my fiancee says the first thing that came to his mind about the clot was a miscarriage..

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Passing blood clots during pregnancy: miscarriage?
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