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Who face is breaking out during pregnancy?

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My face from what I remember only broke out with my first two kids. So many hormones going throughout the body during early pregnancy can cause changes in skin. It will usually just be for a short time and pass quickly. Just another normal sign your body is growing a human.


Mine did with my first one , it was awful , I felt like I was reliving my teen years !! All those raging hormones do crazy things to your system . I washed my face twice a day and tried not to mess with it . Once I had the baby my skin went back to normal after a few months . In the end it is all worth it though !!


My face broke out during pregnancy. It was like I was a teenager again. It was primarily during the first trimester with very little during the rest of the pregnancy. I made sure to wash my face twice a day and was careful with what products I put on my skin.

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Who face is breaking out during pregnancy?
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