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Why moms love having boys

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I have 6 boys and wouldn't change a thing .

They are wild, crazy, stinky loud and obnoxious at times but they are also amazing and they are all mommas boys even though the older ones wouldn't admit it !!!


I have four boys ages almost 12 down to 3. Boys are not as emotional as girls. They are relatively drama free, depending (we have a drama king!). They are sweet, thoughtful and fun when they want to be! ;) They have their moments though.


I have 3 boys that I love with all my heart. They are different in their on way.

all 3 of them make me laugh at time.I am happy that i have boys and not girls..I think girls would be harder then boys, but what do i know i have all boys. :)

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Why moms love having boys
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