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20 Essentials you must have on your baby registry

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1. Infant car seat
2. Summer Infant Swaddle Me blankets
3. Full size baby swing (that plugs in)
4. Graco Pack-n-Play
5. Diapers (cloth or disposable)
6. Coconut oil
7. Wash cloths
8. Baby wipes
9. Breast pads
10. Video baby monitor
11. Baby Shusher
12. Fisher Price Deluxe Space Saver high chair
13. Moby wrap
14. Mylicon Infant gas drops
15. Dr. Brown's bottles
16. Halo wearable blankets
17. Teething toys
18. Baby nail clippers
19. First aid kit
20. Bulb syringe

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20 Essentials you must have on your baby registry
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